WaveLight® Refractive Suite

EYE DAY CLINIC is one of the first clinics to get the WaveLight® refractive suite. It is the pride of our clinic, as it offers patients the individualized treatments they deserve. The suite is equipped with the top excimer laser with the fastest laser source at 500Hz (EX500), the femtosecond laser (FS200) to create the flap and a rotating bed.

AMARIS 1050RS – Refractive Surgery Laser

The top excimer laser for refractive surgery

OCT Angiography – Angiovue

EYE DAY CLINIC was the first clinic to adopt the new, innovative imaging technique, called OCT Angiography. It is a method that provides high contrast images of the blood flow in the retinal vessels, which in the past was only possible with the class...

CENTURION® Vision System

EYE DAY CLINIC is equipped with the state-of-the-art phacoemulsification platform CENTURION®, which changes the performance standards in cataract surgery. EYE DAY CLINIC chose CENTURION® for its unique functionality designed to offer...

Casia Tomey SS-1000

The only anterior chamber imaging system based on the principle of "Swept Source" OCT in Greece is installed at EYE DAY CLINIC. Casia is a valuable multi-tool for retina specialists as well as other eye doctors; it is necessary in the treatment of i...

The VERION™ Image Guided System

The VERION ™ Image Guided is a modern system designed to provide precise Surgical planning and procedures for cataract surgery.EYE DAY CLINIC treats cataract as a refractive surgery, since our goal is to ensure patients can be freed, to the m...

Colvard Pupillometer– Oasis

Colvard Pupillometer The Colvard pupillometer by Oasis measures the pupillary diameter. It has an infrared evaluation system that is used both for the evaluation of neurological disorders and in preoperative screening for refractive surgery.

BQ-900 Haag Streit International

Haag-Streit Slit-lamp High definition slit-lamp for the examination of both the anterior and the posterior segment of the eye. Its exceptional optics along with the Swiss micromechanics make it one of the top slit-lamp models. All examination rooms ...

Auto Lensmeter TL-3000B – Tomey

Electronic Lensmeter by Tomey The electronic lensmeter is an automated measurement system for the measurement of glasses (monofocal - multifocal - prisms) and checking their optic centers. 

Full Auto-Tonometer TX-F – Canon

 Automated Electronic Tonometer Canon The automatic electronic tonometer is a state-of-the-art indispensable intra-ocular pressure measurement system, for the proper monitoring of glaucoma patients. It is also used for monitoring intra-ocular pressu...