The cornea is the clear layer which allows light to enter the eye.

Various conditions and diseases, such as infections, inflammations and injuries affect the cornea while others, such as keratoconus, are caused by corneal dystrophies and loss of corneal stability.

In the Cornea and Transplants Department of our Same Day Clinic we focus on conditions, lesions and other cornea related diseases, which we treat using modern methods.


One of the major surgical specializations of our clinic is in the Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty, the most modern technique for corneal transplants. This technique is only used by a handful of surgeons worldwide.

Our clinic works with the inventor of this technique and his clinic in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Furthermore, our Department treats patients with keratoconus either with the corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) technique or with alternative methods.


The crown jewel of our equipment is the latest Swept Source Spectral Domain High Resolution OCT for corneal imaging in the world: the CASIA SS-1000 by Tomey. It is the fastest and most complete 3D OCT for the anterior segment of the eye, the only one in Greece and one of the few in Europe. It offers impressive diagnostic capabilities and is a valuable tool, especially in combination with the rest of the equipment available at our clinic, such as the Scheimpflug corneal topographer, the Wave front machinery for amperometry, measurement and monitoring of Endothelial Cells.