Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures today and has a very high success rate.

Of course, for the surgery to be successful, the surgeon must be very experienced.

The patient is admitted to EYE DAY CLINIC and is submitted to the preoperative evaluation, which includes a heart evaluation.


The procedure

First, a tiny incision (2.2mm – 2.75mm) is made on the eye, which allows the surgeon-ophthalmologist to use the special stylet of the phaco machine for slicing and removing the cataract.

After the cataract has been fully removed, the intraocular lens is inserted via the same incision and is secured in position.

The patient experiences minimal to zero discomfort.

After the surgery, you will stay at our clinic for a while, to receive the required postoperative orders by your physician and can then return home.