Surgical treatment of glaucoma

Surgical treatment is the last resort for the treatment of glaucoma when conservative treatment has failed.

There are many types of surgical treatments, which aim at improving the aqueous outflow, by creating an alternative drainage system.

Some types of surgical treatments are the following:

1. Trabeculectomy
With this method, we surgically manufacture a new route for the outflow of the aqueous humour (artificial) from the anterior chamber to the outer surface of the sclera beneath the conjunctiva. This way, we can bypass the occluded/dysfunctional filter which is the natural drainage route.

Glaucoma Valve

Glaucoma Valve

2. Anti-glaucoma Shunts:
Our special anti-glaucoma surgical department has vast experience in the surgical insertion of anti-glaucoma Shunts.

Depending on the particularities of the patient’s condition, the appropriate type of aqueous shunt is selected. As an indication, the shunts that are surgically used in our clinic are:

  • Ahmed valve
  • Baerveldt tube
  • Express type shunt