Why did we stop using Lasik with a microkeratome (blade)?

EYE DAY CLINIC is the only Same Day Clinic to stop performing surgery using the conventional LASIK procedure with a microkeratome (blade). This was an easy decision, since our main concern is providing patients with high quality services and the most modern, safe and effective method of refractive errors correction.

In the first stage of an operation with the classic Lasik method, the flap is created with the use of a mechanical microkeratome (blade). We have replaced the blade with the Femtosecond Laser, which offers:

  • Greater Precision
  • Complete control over the entire procedure by the surgeon
  • Greater Safety
  • Greater Predictability

The beam of the infrared Femtosecond Laser is controlled via a computer and focuses on the points that are selected by the surgeon to create the flap.


With the new Femtosecond laser technology, no “scalpel” is needed as all stages of the refractive surgery are completed using only a laser.