Keratoconus – Treatment – Contact Lenses

Keratoconus can be treated with various types of contact lenses. There is no specific type of lenses suitable for all types or stages of keratocunus; the type of lenses that will offer visual acuity, comfort and health of the cornea is selected based on the individual needs of each patient. Contact lenses offer a smooth refractive surface over the keratoconus. The progress made both in lenses design and in the use of materials has significantly increased the percentage of patients who suffer from keratoconus who can wear contact lenses without problems.

The following types of contact lenses can be used:

  • Soft, gas permeable contact lenses with a wide diameter (9.7 mm)
    Aspherical lenses for moderate nipple cones.
  • Small, steep, lenses for moderate to severe nipple cones.
  • Specially designed lenses for steep oval and spherical cones, if typical spherical cones have failed.
  • Semi-rigid, highly permeable lenses of aspherical and toric contact design.
  • Gas permeable, pre-designed rigid contact lenses which can be used on extremely deformed corneas.
  • Hybrid contact lenses, rigid in the center and softer in the surrounding area, offering greater comfort.

It must be understood that the use of contact lenses improves vision but does not treat keratoconus. At the same time, the patient needs to realize that if the contact lens does not fit properly, not only will they experience discomfort but keratoconus may also get worse.