Casia Tomey SS-1000

The only anterior chamber imaging system based on the principle of “Swept Source” OCT in Greece is installed at EYE DAY CLINIC.
Casia is a valuable multi-tool for retina specialists as well as other eye doctors; it is necessary in the treatment of irregular corneas, as it makes corneal transplants extremely safe.

The fastest and most complete anterior segment 3D OCT

The fastest and most complete anterior segment 3D OCT

Casia is a non-invasive 3D imaging system. The imaging produced has a very high resolution and scans are performed with at a very high speed of 30,000 A-scans per second, i.e. scanning is performed 15 times faster than in any other system. The scanning of the whole anterior segment of the cornea is finished in just 1.4 sec, which makes it very user friendly.

3D imaging allows us to calculate the curvature, pachymetry, length, area and volume of the structures that are being examined. Furthermore, we can have high resolution images of the hard part of the drainage bleb in anti-glaucoma operations.

It is obviously a useful tool for anterior segment of eye operations and mainly in refractive surgery, corneal transplants and even in anti-glaucoma operations.